Blue Cheese Bliss: Easy Homemade Dressing with a Tangy American Twist

So, guacamole is totally overrated… just kidding! Cue the gasps and the avocado emoji storm in the comments. In all seriousness, while I was adding some flair to my kitchen, who knew beautiful and functional kitchen design ideas could make such an impact? A well-designed cooking space can really elevate the whole culinary experience! Speaking of elevation, I’m sharing a dressing recipe with you today that will take your salads to new heights.

Salad dressings can be a tough nut to crack, leaving you stuck with #FOMO. But fear not, my friends – I’m here to save all your sad, boring, leafy meals. Let’s take you on a kale-filled journey to a dressing that will make you swipe right for every salad out there. Ladies, gentlemen, and avocado enthusiasts, the MVP of the dressing world, Blue Cheese Dressing has entered the chat.

With this game-changing Blue Cheese Dressing recipe, your salads will be the talk of the town. Your greens will never be the same as they strut their stuff proudly in a coat of creamy, tangy goodness. Dare I say it; you may even find yourself eager for that next family salad night. When you get to taste this dressing, you’ll find yourself saying, “Martha Stewart who?”

So, let’s shake up your salad life; sit tight, because, by the time you finish reading, you’ll be a master of dressing world domination – or, at the very least, your family’s new favorite salad chef!


  1. Sour cream – A creamy base that’s perfect for dressings, dips, and more.

  2. Mayonnaise – A must in any homemade blue cheese dressing recipe, it provides a nice and creamy texture.

  3. Lemon juice – Brings a burst of freshness and tang to balance out the richness of the blue cheese and mayonnaise.

  4. Worcestershire sauce – Adds depth of flavor and gives the dressing an umami taste.

  5. Salt – A pinch to balance out the flavors.

  6. Pepper – A pinch to add a bit of heat to the dressing.

  7. Blue cheese crumbles – The star ingredient, it adds a tangy, earthy flavor to the dressing.

  8. Minced fresh chives – A subtle hint of freshness and color that enhances the presentation.


  1. Gather a mixing bowl, small whisk or fork, ¾ cup sour cream, ¼ cup mayonnaise, 3 Tbsp. lemon juice, 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce, a pinch of salt and pepper, 1 cup blue cheese crumbles, and ? cup minced fresh chives.
  2. In the mixing bowl, combine the sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and a generous pinch of salt and pepper. Mix well with a small whisk or fork.
  3. Fold in the blue cheese crumbles until they’re evenly distributed.
  4. Add in the minced chives and mix until well combined.
  5. Serve immediately or store in the fridge for a few hours to let the flavors develop.
  • Always use fresh lemon juice for the perfect tangy flavor.
  • If you’re unsure what type of blue cheese to use, any crumbled blue cheese will work well in the sauce.
  • Get creative and adjust the ingredients to your specific taste.
  • Remember to store homemade blue cheese dressing in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Serving Suggestions for Blue Cheese Dressing

This delicious blue cheese dressing is perfect for a variety of dishes, and the options are endless! Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Dipping sauce: Serve it as a dip for veggies, crackers or even chicken wings!
  • Salad dressing: Drizzle it over a classic wedge salad or a mixed greens salad for a tangy and creamy addition.
  • Sandwich spread: Spread it on your favorite sandwich for a zesty twist.
  • Burger topping: Top your burger with this dressing for an extra burst of flavor.
  • Baked potato: Spoon it over a baked potato for a decadent addition.
  • Marinade: Use it as a marinade for chicken or steak for a bold flavor.
  • Fun fact: The chives in this recipe add a mild onion flavor and a pop of color!

Enjoy this homemade blue cheese dressing recipe, and feel free to get creative with your serving suggestions! Let us know your favorite way to enjoy this tangy and creamy sauce.


What are some alternatives for blue cheese in this recipe?

If you’re not a fan of blue cheese, you can try using Gorgonzola or Roquefort instead. For a vegan alternative, you can try using a vegan blue cheese or just omit the blue cheese altogether.

Can I make this dressing ahead of time?

Sure thing! In fact, making it a few hours ahead of time allows the flavors to develop even more. Just be sure to store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

How do I know which type of blue cheese to use?

Any already crumbled blue cheese will blend nicely into the sauce. If you’re unsure, you can always ask a cheese expert at your local market for recommendations.

Can I add more or less of an ingredient to suit my taste?

Absolutely! This recipe is pretty versatile, so feel free to add more or less of each ingredient to suit your taste buds. If you’re unsure, you can start with the recipe as written and then adjust from there.

Can I use bottled lemon juice instead of fresh lemon juice?

You can definitely use bottled lemon juice, but keep in mind that fresh lemon juice has a perfect tangy flavor that you can’t get from the bottled stuff. If you do use bottled, consider adding a bit more to get that tangy kick.

Blue Cheese Dressing

Elevate your ordinary blue cheese dressing with the perfect balance of tangy and creamy flavors, using high-quality ingredients and a touch of seasoning.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Condiment, Sauce
Cuisine American
Servings 4 Servings
Calories 235 kcal


  • 1 medium-sized mixing bowl
  • 1 small whisk or fork
  • 1 airtight container


  • 1 cup sour cream, full-fat
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise, high-quality
  • 2 Tbsp. lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp. Dijon mustard
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 1 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp. paprika
  • 1/2 tsp. dried basil
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1 1/2 cups blue cheese crumbles, high-quality
  • 1/2 cup minced fresh chives


  • In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine the sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, honey, garlic powder, paprika, dried basil, and a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Using a small whisk or fork, mix all ingredients together until well combined and smooth.
  • Gently fold in the blue cheese crumbles until evenly distributed.
  • Stir in the minced fresh chives until fully combined.
  • Taste the dressing and adjust seasoning as necessary.
  • Transfer the dressing to an airtight container and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, or up to 4 hours, to allow the flavors to develop.
  • Serve chilled with your favorite salads, sandwiches, or as a dipping sauce for vegetables and wings.


To achieve the perfect balance of tanginess and creaminess, make sure to use high-quality ingredients, such as full-fat sour cream, high-quality mayonnaise, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
For an extra pop of flavor, try using different types of blue cheese, such as Roquefort or Gorgonzola, and adjust the amount to your preference.
To add a touch of heat, consider adding a pinch of cayenne pepper or hot sauce to the dressing.


Calories: 235kcalCarbohydrates: 2gProtein: 7gFat: 22gSaturated Fat: 11gCholesterol: 55mgSodium: 517mgPotassium: 72mgSugar: 2gVitamin A: 717IUVitamin C: 3mgCalcium: 194mg
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